Wednesday, December 16, 2009

toy box

I had just collected all of Zoe's little toys from the drawers & cabinets and the floor and put them all in this pink box. I left the room and a few minutes later heard the sound of a hundred toys being dumped out of a pink box. In their place... Zoe and cheesey poofs.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

found a new hiding place today...


Her hair is long enough now that I can pull it all back into a ponytail. Crazy! My stylist friend, Tiffany, is going to give Zoe a haircut sometime next month so it doesn't hang in her face all of the time. Zoe's eyes are still many colors.


The zoo has a new [antique] carousel that Pete & Zoe went around on. She did not want to leave.


We went to Zoolights at the Pt Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma. I used to go to this zoo all the time when I lived in Tacoma and always loved zoolights at Christmas. The animals were all inside somewhere, but the aquarium was open so Zoe got to see lots of fish.

Monday, December 7, 2009

rocking horse

I got this rocking horse for Zoe's xmas gift and Pete opened the closet door not knowing I was hiding it from her in there. Once she saw that it was in the house [and not just at Costco] I had to let her play with it. I think I'll still wrap it up and let her open it again. After she rode one of these in the store for 20 minutes I looked for them online and found out that they retail for about $150 and were on sale for $90 at different stores, but Costco had them for $40 so we scooped it up. It's pretty awesome. One of the Backyardigans episodes that she watches has horses that the Backyardigans pretend to ride and they feed apples to them the whole time. Zoe has fed this horsey lots of apples already.