Thursday, May 31, 2012



Monday, May 28, 2012

Princess Story

I was drawing last night and Zoe sat down with me and asked for some white paper. She did four drawings in a row and told me this story as she finished each one. It's her first book! The scribbly marks are the words.

The Princess and her unicorn went to...

the castle to the see the Prince. But one day...

...and there was a big, fire-breathing dragon and the Princess... she got darker and darker. And he got fire and he's gonna get fire on the Princess.

...and now the Princess is so happy to see the Prince in her castle and her lovely pony, too.
The End

chef's hat

Zoe has a cookbook that grandpa sent her.  And she has a couple of aprons. But she does not have a chef's hat - so when she wanted one last night I suggested that she write a note to grandpa and ask for one.

This is the inside of the note with a picture of the chef's hat.

red lips

I was wondering when this would happen. Zoe was using our bathroom - for quite a while - and when she came out and said "what do you think, mom?" it was pretty obvious what she had been doing.

Dog Park

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Dr Zoe

Zoe picked out a doctor's kit at the store. Everybody got a check-up. I highly encourage this interest. There is a new show on the Disney channel called Doc McStuffins where a little girl fixes stuffed animals. Zoe watches it like it's a medical drama.

video with Coco

mother's day

On Sunday I had to go to a CPR/First Aid class for 5 hours [woohoo!] but then we went out to dinner at one of our most favorite restaurants - Pomodoro. It's a tiny little Italian/Spanish place in Seattle where the owner is the chef and the kitchen is basically in the dining room and his 9 year old daughter took us to our table and his wife opened our bottle of wine. It was delicious! I had veal canneloni and Pete had linguini with prawns and Zoe ate 5 pieces of bread and some penne pasta.

She wore this little dress [it is finally summer weather here] and I took a few pictures before we went. I bought these big paperboard letters and painted them purple. I want to do a little photo shoot with her & her name at the beach or in the woods. I haven't taken a lot of pictures since I've been at work every day and we don't go to many exciting places on the weekend since I am doing our errands & housework then. But we are moving into our 16 hours of daylight schedule, so maybe we'll have more time for fun soon.