Wednesday, May 16, 2012

mother's day

On Sunday I had to go to a CPR/First Aid class for 5 hours [woohoo!] but then we went out to dinner at one of our most favorite restaurants - Pomodoro. It's a tiny little Italian/Spanish place in Seattle where the owner is the chef and the kitchen is basically in the dining room and his 9 year old daughter took us to our table and his wife opened our bottle of wine. It was delicious! I had veal canneloni and Pete had linguini with prawns and Zoe ate 5 pieces of bread and some penne pasta.

She wore this little dress [it is finally summer weather here] and I took a few pictures before we went. I bought these big paperboard letters and painted them purple. I want to do a little photo shoot with her & her name at the beach or in the woods. I haven't taken a lot of pictures since I've been at work every day and we don't go to many exciting places on the weekend since I am doing our errands & housework then. But we are moving into our 16 hours of daylight schedule, so maybe we'll have more time for fun soon.

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