Sunday, April 22, 2012

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unicorns & wet floor...

This is hard to hear at first, turn the volume up.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet Coco!

Zoe has been asking for a dog for months... since we went to the pet store and bought our fish and she said "I don't want fish. I wish I could have a dog."
Our babysitter's mom is a vet & dog-rescuer/lover so she has been keeping us updated on events where you can adopt dogs. On Sunday we decided to go check one out in Woodinville where a bunch of different dog rescue organizations come together. We went to a workshop in the morning and learned about training and discipline and what to expect from a dog like this.
I didn't think we were going to bring one home, but this dog was such a good match for us that we couldn't leave her there. She is very mellow, has not barked even one time. Is totally house-trained and sleeps on her blanket all night. She lets Zoe play with her and loves to ride in Pete's truck. She is so friendly and sweet and just follows me around the house and waits to be petted. Zoe is very anxious to play fetch, but either Coco doesn't know how or is not yet ready - she is still recovering from being spayed. We left her alone in the house all day yesterday and it looks like she just hung out on her blanket and maybe ate some of her food. She is perkier today, and we went for a long walk this morning. I made her a big batch of dog food out of brown rice and turkey and vegetables. Pete loves to brush her and her coat is getting shinier every day. She is a little nervous around him and hesitant to go outside sometimes. She may have been abused by a male owner. She will trust him soon, he is super sweet to her and is totally in love with this dog. I think we all are.

pictures from my phone

3-D glasses at the movies.

I can't remember where there this was... just being silly. With Uda.

At the dentist. With Uda.

At the Imagine Children's Museum. Uda had to wait in the car.

Pete inherited his Grandpa's truck.

And an old fishing boat.

We went to Kid's & Clay and made bowls.

We went to a fancy restaurant, Cuoco, with another couple and Zoe behaved beautifully! So did Uda.

Zoe's first real haircut! Uda watched.

Look at this awesome jungle picture!

so many things

Painting at the easel.

Fell asleep with a cracker.

Showing Uda the Unicorn our Easter eggs.
Zoe saw a dye kit at the store and absolutely could not wait to use it.

Have you seen our fish? We have 3 female Betas. They love to play and have doubled in size in the last 4 months. Supposedly Betas like tiny bowls with still water and to be left alone - but I think that must apply to the males. Our fish play in the bubbles and hide in the barrel and talk to each other. Zoe named them Coralie, Bizzie and Suzie. We also have Elephant - our Cichlid - he really does like to be alone, as evidenced by the several fish that he convinced to die. He is in our big round bowl in Zoe's room.

We got a big box of stuff from Uncle Doug! We have a little Disney box that is all locked up with a slot on the top to stash some Disney vacation money. This savings chart goes with it. I'm sure we will have all of our stars by next February!

Thanks for the train tracks Uncle Doug! The long, straight pieces are awesome.

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