Monday, December 24, 2012

Birthday - Part 4

We had a surprise party for Zoe on Dec 20!
Constance & James let us have it their house.
Pete, Constance & James, Ben & Kenna, and Janie were all there waiting in the dark for me and Zoe to arrive. We ordered pizza and had cake and opened a few more gifts.
Zoe was really surprised and was excited that she finally got her surprise party.

Zoe put all of the candles on the cake.
I made a vanilla cake from scratch with cream cheese frosting.
It was delicious.

Birthday - Part 3

After the party at McDonald's we came back to the house. Pete's mom, Jo, and Annie & John [boyfriend,] and Constance & James, and Janie all joined us for snacks and margaritas and a piñata!
The piñata was made from corrugated cardboard and turned out to be quite solid. We had to lay it on the floor and have Zoe jump up & down on it to put a dent in it. I put a few bags of candy in it.

Birthday - Part 2

Here we are at Zoe's birthday party at McDonald's on Dec. 15th.
It was really easy, and that made it fun. I would totally do it again next year.

The kids got Happy Meals, cake & ice cream
[Wyatt and Zoe]

Zoe is here with Rowan, Madeline, and Wyatt, and Zoe W

I remembered the birthday quilt! I had the adults sign it.

Birthday Party: Part 1

Zoe and Aunt Annie at our house on Dec 14th.
Zoe got to open one present and it was a beautiful holiday Barbie!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

i wish

Zoe is watching a cartoon and she runs to me and says :

mom, I wish I had a camera and when I push a button it takes a picture and the picture comes out of the bottom of the camera and then I can put it in a book.

Zoe, that's called a Polaroid camera.

Oh! Can I have one? Please please please?

Well. I don't know if that's possible.

Santa Train

On Sunday we drove to North Bend, WA and boarded the Santa train. I'll tell you, it was disappointing. I still can't figure out why everybody was so excited, and why it is sold out. Second, I will admit that I directed us to the wrong train station - but that didn't really change the actual train ride. We were supposed to get on at North Bend, ride the train 3 miles [30 minutes] to the Snoqualmie depot and then get off, stand in line to see Santa and then get back on the train. We went backwards... and Zoe didn't really care if she saw Santa so we waited in a line for 20 minutes and then just went into the bookstore [gift shop] where she found a little train necklace and said "it's the most beautiful necklace I've ever seen! Can I have it, please, please, please?"
I thought the train would have Santa riding on it, and there was reportedly caroling and hot cocoa and decorations involved. But it was just an old, cold, rusty train.
I hear that the train by Mt Rainier is lit up and Santa sits in a decorated caboose and there is singing.
Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

Are children outside of Seattle this comfortable holding a coffee cup?
[It's hot chocolate]

Pete's bday

Pete's birthday was December 3rd.  Zoe & I made this beautiful cake.
 Pete picked out a new putter, took the day off of work and had a great golf day.


I upgraded our internet connection. We were trying to use Clear 4G and the upload speeds were terrible. Really terrible. And we do so much streaming in our house that Clear actually cancelled our account because we were using too much of their terrible service. So we are back to Comcast and now we can stream movies in HD and upload Zoe videos and play xbox all at the same time without anybody crying [Pete] because everything keeps buffering.

We went on the new Great Wheel on one of the piers in Seattle. It was a cloudy day, but the view was still great & the ride was lots of fun for everybody. We went with our friends Tiffany & Gerrit.

There is a rainbow over the city

We also went to Seattle Center