Sunday, May 30, 2010


We all wish we could be there to celebrate with you and tell you how much you are loved!

Happy Birthday!

Monday, May 24, 2010

big shoes

Zoe sometimes walks out of our room wearing a pair of my shoes. She wears Pete shoes, too - but she really likes to get my heels out of the closet. She never falls over, which is impressive. She got this new, denim purse from Uncle Doug & Aunt Tammy. Inside of it she is keeping a plastic toy star and a rock.


kite & beach

It was sunny and windy on Sunday so we went to Edmonds Beach and flew the kite. You just have to hold the kite out in front of you and it launches all by itself! And then it just floats in the air without any effort at all. Lots of people were taking pictures of it and asking where we got it and how much it would cost to get such a fancy kite. It was only $15 at Costco, but I bought it in February and I haven't seen kites there since. Costco is such a "buy it today" kind of store when it comes to the fun stuff.
Zoe got to spend some more time on a slide and then we walked down by the water. She wore her new overalls that Uncle Doug & Aunt Tammy sent. They fit perfectly!

St Edwards Park

This is an amazing park on Lake Washington! It was sunny on Saturday afternoon and I wanted to take Zoe out for some fun before Pete & I went to a wedding [that was outdoors] where it poured down rain [there was a tent]. She loved all of the slides and stairs and things to climb on. There were a ton of kids there but every now and then it would just clear out and a new set of kids would invade.


We have had a lot of sunny/rainy days lately that have given us some really beautiful rainbows. This one was really pink and only lasted for a few minutes, but Zoe was thrilled to see it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

sleep tight

her bed was too hard, the couch was too soft, but the chair was just right...

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Zoe now weighs 30 pounds and she is almost 3 feet tall. She's grown about 2 inches since her birthday. She is still wearing some 24 month/2T clothes, but they are a little snug, so I've been replacing her wardrobe with 3T clothes. She wears a 7 in toddler shoes. I imagine that she will be able to wear the 3T size until winter.

bath hair

mother's day

We got coffee this morning and then went to the the beach for a while. We took the giant & awesome box kite that I bought a couple of months ago at Costco. Sadly, there was no breeze, so we'll have to try again to make it fly.


There is a very [lame] gentle preschool cartoon about bunnies called Max & Ruby. Ruby went camping with her bunnyscout troop and so Zoe had to have her "tent! tent! tent!" immediately with the "tube! tube! tube!" She's tall enough now that she can stand up and see through the mesh at the top [and watch Max & Ruby]. Uncle Doug says the mesh is for star-gazing, so maybe we'll get to try that this summer.

suddenly summer

It got warm here; well, "seattle warm". It's about 55 degrees and super sunny, which means that Seattle-ites are wearing tank tops, shorts and flip-flops and heading to the beach. Having a warm, sunny day does not mean that the cold, rainy weather is over - so I know to take advantage of these glorious days whenever they happen. We went to the zoo and wandered aimlessly for 3 hours. For the first time we spent a few dollars in the Rainforest Pavilion on ice cream [and coffee]. They just opened a new Meerkat exhibit, but we didn't make it to that side of the zoo, so we'll see that next time.
Zoe picked up lots of leaves and picked a few flowers:

pretty pictures

Thursday evening I got to to go out with Constance to the SAAM and see an amazing Japanese Print Art exhibit. The SAAM is in Volunteer Park in Seattle so I took some pretty pictures outside. After looking at the art we went to Poppy which was just down the street for some incredibly delicious food. Every bite was divine. There is no other way to describe it. I can't wait to go back.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



This apron is from Uncle Doug & Aunt Tammy. They found it at Pryde's. Zoe wanted to put it on and play in her kitchen. She wears the beehive hat at some point every day.

low tide

hamburger flip

Did she learn this by watching me or Top Chef?