Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So curious!


This bee costume was in the bag of baby clothes that mom got from a friend at work. I don't think Zoe will wear it out anywhere this year - she's going to be a kitty instead. It's pretty cute, though. The top photo shows what happens when you make a bee mad. In related news, I bought The Bee Movie for Zoe. If you haven't seen it, take a couple of hours and watch it. The animation is wonderful and Seinfeld wrote an amusing script. Zoe loves it! Maybe because so much of the movie is bright yellow and the music is bouncy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Uncle Doug gave Zoe this Snack Trap. It's a cup with a flexible lid - the treats go in, but they don't come out when it's tipped over. Zoe eats lots of Cheerios these days so I keep this cup filled and out for her to snack whenever she wants. She hasn't exactly mastered taking one or two Cheerios out, but she's working on it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkin Patch-palooza!

Sunday afternoon we went to Stocker Farms and picked some pumpkins. Jen, Mike & Rowan met us there. Zoe wore her pumpkin hat that Nana Jo knitted for her. So cute! We got 3 pumpkins and lots of pictures. The pumpkin patch was gigantic. You can find any color, size or shape that you want. They also have a corn maze. Pete was pretty excited about getting lost in it so we went back after Ken's birthday party with Ken & his sister, Terrina. It wasn't as creepy as we thought it would be. I guess there's another corn maze that gets you truly lost that we'll try to go to before Halloween. Zoe was strapped in to the Kelty where she was warm & happy. See the slideshow for all of the great photos.

Watch out Rowan! Zoe is on the loose!

fun in the tube

Pete's friend Ken had a family birthday party Sunday. Ken's nephews brought this green fabric tube thing upstairs for Zoe to crawl through. It collapses into a flat circle. I think we'll have to get one - Zoe loved it! Ken's mom is looking through the end of the tube.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


In this clip you get to hear some classic Zoe noises, see some slow crawling and watch her walk along the table.

babies are weird

More ponytail holder delicious-ness. The top photo shows how her eyes are still a dozen different colors. They are gray on the outside and kind of blue inside with gold flecks and brown spots. Every person who sees her says something different: "she has brown eyes like you!" "she has hazel eyes!" "she's so lucky to have green eyes!" "she has such pretty eyes...what color are they?" I've noticed that her hair color is kind of the same way in different light. Some days she's blonde but it's also fairly red or light brown. Poor, mixed up DNA. I guess Pete and I gave her all of the options.

chew toy

I don't know why Zoe likes to chew on my ponytail holders, but she does. I left this on the coffee table and now it's her favorite thing. I finally got a picture of her standing. She does it pretty often but I never have the camera ready. We played Dance Dance Revolution in the morning.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Sadly the Baby Bumbo did not fulfill all of our feeding needs, so we got a highchair. We tested them all in the store and this one is quite awesome. It folds up really small and is adjustable in a thousand ways, fully reclines, the seat can be almost on the floor or high enough for me to stand and feed her. Zoe wants meals now a couple of times a day and she eats really, really slow so it is certainly nice to have a place to put her. She's eating lots of different stuff now. I make her a one-egg omelette usually for dinner. She likes macaroni & cheese, cheerios and bran muffins.

Monday, October 6, 2008

zoe's star

I named a star for Zoe. I told you how Aunt Tammy bought Zoe a monkey and it came with a code that I used to log into a website that allows you to name a star. I named it Zoe Ann Hartman. I chose one that can be seen from Seattle on Zoe's birthday [I hope]. It's in the constellation Andromeda. The link below takes you to Google Sky where the star should be. It is located in the center of the page and if you move your cursor around you can find the approximate location:
0h 58m 47s 44degrees 31' 36.66"

Google Sky is pretty awesome by itself - look around!

zoe's star


Thursday, October 2, 2008

keepin the art alive

It has been a real challenge for me to keep making art. Being at home every day makes being creative really hard. There are a lot of distractions because there is so much that needs to be done inside & outside of this house, there's a baby crawling all over the place, and I have a lot of "administrative" work to do to ensure that we all eat, have clean clothes, bills paid, non-sticky floors & bathtubs, etc. I also don't have a place that I can work on art stuff and leave it sitting when Zoe wakes up from a nap. So tonight while I was waiting for Pete to get home from work, which will be midnight sometime, I snuck into Zoe's room and did some 'gesture drawings' of her sleeping. It's a great way to stimulate some creative thinking without committing to a project. I think I might translate some drawings of her into paintings for our bedroom. We need some art in there desperately.

October is here

Isn't October the best? The weather gets chilly so we can wear fluffly clothes and snuggle up in blankets. I found this striped shirt at Target for Zoe. She already had these brown cargo pants. I thought she was so adorable in her October Ensemble until we left the house and everyone thought she was a boy. Most of the time I don't correct people. If we're in the grocery store and someone stops to admire "him" or tell me what cute hair "he" has I just smile and nod. But that day we went to the YMCA so that I could get my excercise and the girl in the nursery was telling me how great "he" had been and how much fun she had playing with "him" and I finally had to say "she's a girl" and Stephanie said "oh, I know, it's Zoe!" It's just weird because even though it's an orange shirt, I think it's pretty girly, but people just assume that if a baby is not doused in pink it must be a boy.
I need to take a picture of Zoe in the pumpkin hat that Nana Jo knitted. It is every bit as wonderful as you could imagine.
We are making plans to visit a pumpkin patch/corn maze this month with Jen, Mike & Rowan.
Also of note in the photos above --> my freshly painted red wall in the kitchen. I also painted some other walls around the house and our bedroom. I've been working on some landscaping in the yard, too. There's so much to do around here!