Thursday, November 27, 2008

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

crawl & song

Some people have asked if Pete sings to Zoe. And the answer is.... well, sort of.

in the kitchen

This is a constant, daily activity.

the very messy lunch

So we're supposed to be teaching Zoe how to drink from a [sippy] cup and use a spoon and all of that. I'm not really worried that she will never learn to do these things, so I haven't pressed it. I decided that this particular lunch could be a messy one so I gave her a sippy cup with some water and her own spoon & baby food. As you can see, it went really well. She definitely had a bath when it was all over. The thing about sippy cups is that it is much more interesting to see the water pour out of the little holes in the lid than it is to drink out of it. She actually drinks just fine out of a regular glass with a little help.

Hey this fits!

I was thinking that this outfit was still too big for Zoe, but it fits perfectly now. I think it's a 9 month size. She wore it to breakfast with her sweet, little hat. We went to the Maltby Cafe. Yum! If anyone is ever here, make sure we take you there for breakfast, it is so very tasty.

Zoe is outgrowing her pudgy, baby tummy & cheeks. Some people have told me that she looks skinny, but she still has her baby legs and her tummy does pooch out after a good meal. Still in the 50 percentile, she just happens to be a little girl.

I finally took her 6 month clothes out of the closet. They were all summer clothes anyway. It's about 40 degrees here today, so we're moving on to anything warm and cuddly. She could use a warmer coat, but I haven't found one small enough yet. If anyone sees a coat for a 12 month old, let me know.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I've been waiting to post the news until we got a video, but it hasn't happened... Zoe took her first real steps last Friday! Pete came home from work early (well, earlier than usual) and I held Zoe's hands and walked her toward the front door to see him. She kind of stopped and just stood there so I let her go. Pete knelt down and she took the 5 steps over to see him. It was really wonderful! That evening she walked a little bit a few more times. Now she stands on her own fairly often and practices her steps whenever she is brave enough. Hopefully I will get a video of her soon.
Speaking of video, I added the list of "labels" for my blog posts on the left. So if you want to see all of the videos, just click the link and they will all come up. If I have any other kinds of repeat postings I'll start labeling them, too.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

why we take fewer pictures now

I'm taking far fewer pictures these days. And here's why. Everytime I get the camera out Zoe wants to hold it and drool on it. If she doesn't get to hold it and drool on it she becomes very dramatic and whines "ma ma ma ma ma". Her favorite "toys" are the camera, phone, and laptop.

Where do you keep the extra babies?

Sagittarius + Tooths

Look at Zoe's 4 teeth! They are super sharp. I know this because I have to "brush" them every night with this little rubber thing that I put on my finger. Zoe likes teethbrushing time because she likes to bite my finger off while I'm doing it. I know she looks like she's getting big, but she is still pretty small. She is still wearing some of her 6 month clothes and none of her 12 month clothes, despite being 11 months next week. There was a baby at the YMCA today who was 8 months and completely round. She was really cute, but just as big as Zoe.

We are all doing fine. Zoe had a little cold the past couple of days. Her nose is runny but she is a quick healer. I read that babies get 5 colds their first year, and this is her 2nd.

She is learning to do all sorts of things. Yesterday she carried a magnet around the kitchen and tried to get it to stick to things.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Meow

Here's Zoe in her complete Halloween ensemble. Mom made the quilted trick-or-treat bag, just the right size for our little kitty. Pete's mom knitted the hat, of course. Aunt Tammy sent the kitty onesie and the black "karate" pants are from American Apparel where Aunt Annie works in Portland. In fact, this photo of Zoe and Aunt Annie [she's a cat burglar] was taken at the store on Friday while we were there. We never got around to carving our pumpkins. Oh well, this way they will transition nicely to Thanksgiving decor.

slide away

While at the park [see photos below], Pete took Zoe on the slide. First he went with her, which was a little boring for our adventurous baby, so she got to go by herself a few times too.

the swing!

On our way to Portland we stopped for gas and needed to get out of the car for awhile. Magically, there was a park at the end of the road that had huge, wonderful trees and lots of playground equipment. Of course Zoe got some swing time. It was a little cold outside so we didn't stay for long, but it was a fun time & better than a highway rest stop.

at the yarn garden

We went to Portland Thursday & Friday to see Pete's mom and grandparents before they all left for Hawaii. While at the Yarn Garden, Zoe found this little shopping cart that is used to display boxes of beads. She pushed it around the store pretty well - each adventure ended with a small crash. She's wearing her Halloween outfit, except that we traded the kitty hat for this Christmas tree hat that Jo had just finished knitting.

We had a nice time in Portland, did lots of driving around and a little tax-free shopping [there is no sales tax in Oregon]. We needed to buy a new carseat as Zoe has outgrown her infant-sized one. With our 20% off coupon & no tax we saved quite a chunk of change. The new carseat is the safest available and should fit her for a few years.

I think Portland is more like the Seattle that people think Seattle should be. Everybody walks or rides a bike and there are little nieghborhoods everywhere that are filled with cool shops, small restaurants, and drab-dressed young people looking cool while having vegan Thai food in small restaurants.