Thursday, April 9, 2009

slideshow april 9th

What do you think of these slideshows? It's a little more time-consuming than just posting photos, but I'm not likely to post all 50 of these photos for you individually so consider it a little gift from me to you.
We haven't heard from anyone for awhile, so I'm just assuming that you are all okay. We are still planning a trip out there at the end of May.
Pete has been working quite a bit lately. Now that he is Fire Safety Certified he is asked to do smoke control testing on the new buildings they are putting together. This has to be done in the evening or on the weekends. Yuck!
Last Sunday we had Auntie Constance come babysit and Pete & I got to see a movie! I think the last film we saw was 007 in November. We paid $25 for 2 leather seats and watched Monsters Vs Aliens in 3D. It was totally worth it. If this is in 3D near you - go see it!
Spring is finally here, sort of. We had 4 glorious days of 70 degree weather and then the Marine Layer rolled back in. It's still warmish. But overcast. I really want our lawn mowed. The grass is so tall it's laying over. I bought a big bag of potting soil for some reason. All of the trees are flowering. Pretty soon it will be tulip time.
Zoe is taking her midday nap right now and I have not yet eaten lunch, so I'd better get to it. We're going to the YMCA this afternoon for some exercise and out-of-the-house-time.

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