Monday, July 13, 2009

New wagon!

I knew that we needed a wagon for this trip because there would be lots of walking between our campsite & the grandparents' & the bathroom, etc. It may have been one of the very best ideas I have ever had. I shopped online and was not impressed by the "toy" wagons for sale [and they are $100+]. Pete had the good sense to look for one while we were at Lowes and it is perfect. It was $69, has inflatable tires [so it's all-terrain], can haul 600 lbs, be pulled behind an ATV, and also has a pull latch so it dumps out when I use it for yardwork. woohoo! Zoe loves to ride in it. I made her a little cushion to sit on and she just sits there and enjoys the ride. She is getting too heavy to carry around all the time and only the main circle drive at the campsite was paved so walking around on big gravel chunks was hard enough for us. Everybody asked us about the wagon, I'm sure Zoe made a few sales for Lowes.
In this video you get a short shot of the lake, it's really beautiful. We also walk by the car I want which is parked right next to the truck that Pete wants. How convenient! The resort business must be a good one, the owners also have an H2 parked next to the truck.

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