Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have some photos to share, but the upload isn't working right now, so I'll try again later. I've also been working on another short dvd-movie for you that I will mail whenever I can finish it. We haven't done anything too exciting lately, just more trips to parks and the zoo. Zoe has been practicing jumping off of things lately. She'll stand on a little ledge or a rock that's a few inches high and scream "READY! SET! JUMP!" before she takes the leap. She also says "ONE! TWO! THREE! BLAST OFF!" She can definitely count to 13 now.

We do lots of painting and drawing. She still uses her left hand primarily, but switches to the right hand sometimes, too. I draw shapes on paper and she colors them. I'm curious to know if coloring things is an innate, human action. I didn't tell her how to do this, but she just naturally tries to stay inside the lines and fill in the hearts and stars and circles. And why do we spend so much time doing this as kids in school? Is it just testing our coordination, or does it say something about our personality?

She was playing with a puzzle that Jo gave her and she can easily match where all of the pieces go. So sometimes she will put a piece in the wrong spot and say "where does it go? No." and then move it to the right spot and say "Good job!"

I'm going to try to upload the photos again...

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