Tuesday, September 28, 2010

children's museum

We went to the Seattle Children's Museum. It was all right. There are more things to look at and read about then there are to do. This is a common flaw at a lot of places that are designed for children. Yes, things will get broken and dirty and carried away. That has to be part of doing business. Why else is it so expensive to visit these places when all of the objects are enclosed in plexi glass and everything that looks like it's going to move is nailed down?

She did enjoy the little kitchens from around the world. But everything was behind plexi or nailed down. The art room was good, but you could only stay in there for a certain amount of time and there was room for 10 kids at a time and the 1 girl who was running the space looked like she wanted to hide in a closet instead of dealing with the constant, constant, constant mess.

Zoe has lots of musical instruments - even a violin & guitar [thanks grandpa!] - and she often plays a little song on the piano that usually sounds better than the songs Pete invents. The other night she brought me a tamborine and gave Pete her maracas and she had her recorder/flute and she told us that we were a band and then we made some really loud music for several minutes.

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