Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bye Bob!

Bob the blue Beta died last week. We had him for 2 years!
So last night we stopped at PetSmart and got 2 new fish. They are a little more active than Bob. Zoe picked out the "goldenfish" immediately and didn't want any other fish in the store but that one. Pete said it needed a friend so we got a purple, stripe-y one, too. They are both cichlids. On the way home, Pete asked Zoe what we should name the fish. At first she said, "Zoe. Z.O.E." and he said, no-that's your name. What is the name of the fish? And she said "kitty!" And she said it was the name of the goldenfish so I asked her what she wanted to name the striped fish and she said "elephant!" Constance came over for dinner later and I told her to ask Zoe about her new fish and what their names are. And she pointed to them and said that the goldenfish was called Kitty and the purple fish was called Elephant. So that's that.

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