Tuesday, September 20, 2011

scan this

So last night we are trying to go to bed and Zoe is busy drawing something. She has gotten a piece of paper and her stamps and makes this:

Pete is on the computer and Zoe asks him to move out of the way and he leans forward a bit and she says "that's not good enough!" which is funny by itself but then she puts her drawing on top of the printer and says that she needs to scan it. And I ask her how she knows what that is but she doesn't say. And we are just staring at her because it's weird. And she tells Pete to scan her drawing like she's late for a meeting or something. And he keeps asking "why do you need to scan it?" and I suggest that they make a copy of the drawing, because I think that's what she wants - to see it print out. So they make a copy and she is so excited. "I made a copy! Look, I have two drawings!" And then she wants to make more drawings and more copies and we have to make her mad and tell her that we can't do any more copies until tomorrow.

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