Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2 hands

I'm so glad this video finally uploaded. I have trouble with anything that is over 1 minute long. I still believe that Zoe is left-handed, but she has been taught at school to write with her right hand. She may also be naturally ambidextrous, as I think that I am too. I looked up the definition & spelling just to make sure it wasn't more complicated than that.

Tomorrow Zoe is joining the "big kids" in the Jungle Room at her preschool. It is the classroom for the oldest children. I was in no hurry to move her from her class when she turned 4 last month because I love her teacher, Ms Margie, so very much. Ms Margie has done so much to understand Zoe's personality and to help her find ways to express herself. But there are some new little kids and Zoe is ready to move on anyway. She is really excited.

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