Thursday, March 15, 2012

So Much Art

Zoe draws every day. If she has time before school she will do a drawing - today she drew elephant footprints. She will draw at school and have several pictures to bring home. She draws every afternoon when we get home and will keep drawing until bedtime. I am showing her how to draw things by breaking them down into shapes - there are a couple here that look like unicorns - she did those by herself. She draws lots and lots and lots of portraits of me, Pete & herself. We are always smiling and holding hands and sitting on rainbows or something.
She loves to add stickers and the jewels & googly eyes from grandpa.
She knows how to mix paint colors and is always asking what will happen if she mixes blue and orange or brown and pink...
She can certainly write her name, but it is usually backwards EOZ. She can write MOM and DAD also without any help.

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