Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shells & Bubbles

I made some paint with water & food coloring and we painted the sand dollars that we brought back home from the ocean. One thing about sand dollars is that they are forever full of sand and it goes all over the house. And when you give them a bubble bath in the sink the food coloring comes off and stains your white sink. So many things we have learned about sand dollars. And they break into tiny pieces when you drop them on the kitchen floor. And then all of the sand comes out.

Zoe is wearing her black pants & black shirt here. Sometimes she dresses like Coco, the dog. Sometimes she is a ninja. I think on this day she was a shadow.

There is nothing like an end-of-summer sale to stock up on bubbles! It is so cold here today [Oct 2nd] that it's hard to believe it was warm enough to dress in shorts a few days ago.

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