Thursday, November 1, 2012

trick or treat

On Monday Zoe got a big box in the mail from Nana Jo with this giant black tutu! We had a shirt and tights and I hot-glued some ears onto a headband, voila! Zoe was a black kitty last night. She had been a pirate at the haunted house and again on Sunday at a little friend's Halloween party. There were lots of kitties trick-or-treating, but none of them had tutus like this.

We are getting lots of rain so we went to the Alderwood Mall for some indoor candy-getting. We got there right when it started at 4pm and it was great. The parking lot was empty and so was the mall. And then the crowd showed up as we were leaving at 5 and the stores were out of candy and there was this huge crowd of people kind of shuffling along in a slow line from store to store. Our friend, Dana, and her daughter, Maddie, had met us at the mall and invited us to meet them at a church nearby for a candy/carnival thing so we did that next. At first it was okay, but then Zoe won a cake in a cakewalk and a stuffed animal in another game and was getting a bag full of candy and someone asked how long we had been members of the church and Pete and I became very uncomfortable as everyone told us how adorable Zoe is and how great their church is... so we got out of there. We came back home and the rain had mostly stopped and it was still pretty early so we went out into our neighborhood for proper trick-or-treating. A lot of houses had their lights off, and Zoe was too scared to approach the houses with really spooky decorations, but we still came home with more candy.

I made her candy bag.

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