Monday, October 18, 2010

chrysalis, really?

I don't need any more proof that Zoe hears, sees and remembers everything she hears and sees on television. That is why, if she is awake, nobody is allowed to watch anything on tv that is not preschool friendly. Yes, tv will rot your brain and turn little kids into gun-wielding psychopaths. But I know that it can also educate if used correctly.

I have some plant/leaves painted on Zoe's bathroom wall. While she was taking her bath she pushed a hanging towel out of the way and said "look, a chrysalis." She learned this from a Wonder Pets episode where an inchworm was upset because its caterpillar friend was all wrapped up and he didn't understand why until Lenny the guinea pig explained what a chrysalis was. I have to admit that this is also how mommy learned what a chrysalis is [it's a pupa - supa dupa!].

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