Thursday, October 14, 2010

new toys!

Zoe got a lot of new toys in the mail in the past week. She is in heaven. There are so many fun things for us to do in the house now. I will try to post pictures & video of her playing with everything as I can. Sometimes the video upload just doesn't work, and then suddenly - like right now - it will.

Grandpa sent these MagnaTiles. They are plastic shapes that have magnets all around the edges so you can build 3D objects. I made these "tents" for Zoe. She ran out of the room to get a "hammer" and fix them. She has been watching Handy Manny - he speaks Spanish and his talking tools can fix everything [if they work as a team, of course]. She saw one episode of Handy Manny a couple of days ago and now she is totally uninterested in UmiZoomi.

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