Monday, February 28, 2011

building words

Zoe has learned that letters build words - thanks again, television! She has been watching Word World. It's a show on PBS that is entirely about putting letters together to form words. The things in World World are drawn using letters, so instead of just an animated duck, it is the letters D U C K stuck together. The barn is the letters B A R N. Anyway. Zoe loves it. And it has taught her, in a way that I could not, that the letters of the alphabet that she has known for a year now, can "build words". She is very excited that "C A T builds cat". And she has known that Z O E spells Zoe, but I think it means something to her now. She arranged all of her magnet letters by color, but then she told me that she had built words. So now she is newly interested in her books and hearing me read the words. When she reads the letters on signs I tell her what words the letters are building. Fun!

A year ago Dad sent Zoe the DVDs for School House Rock. I never watched this show, but I certainly know what it is. Zoe picked it out from her dvd collection "how about this one, mom?" a few weeks ago and it has become a daily favorite. Now she is saying that things can be "really difficult". And yesterday she was playing with this plastic thing and told Pete that she "made a new invention". And she sings a song about electricity.

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  1. We watched this show one morning, and I love the animation. I'm glad Zoe is a fan, too!