Sunday, October 16, 2011


Today we went to Jones Creek Farm in Sedro-Wooley. It is about 90 minutes North of us in the middle of farmland. There are a lot of different u-pick farms and honey farms and horse ranches up there. The topography of the area means they have more sunny days then we do closer to the city. It is a prime agriculture space. Constance's friend, Sheri, arranged an apple-picking outing and Zoe & I tagged along. Sheri & her friends picked about 175 pounds of apples. OMG! Sheri rented an apple press and they all went back to her place after to make cider/juice. Good luck with that!

Zoe and I brought home 3 bags of 3 different apples. These green apples are super tart and a little dry. I am going to try to make a pie filling & can it. And some apple butter.

It was a lovely, October day - sunny and 47 [forty seven!] degrees.

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