Monday, October 31, 2011


I probably won't have much time this week to post here, so I figured I would get it done tonight!
We did go out looking for a scientist costume a couple of weeks ago and it's just not an option. I told Zoe that she would have to choose something else and she picked this firefighter costume. Absolutely nothing else interested her. We went to a few other Halloween events before tonight and everyone loves her in this outfit.
Tonight we went door-to-door trick or treating on the streets in our neighborhood. Zoe was really excited and she had Pete or I come up to the door with her for several houses and then she told Pete to stay with me while she went by herself. People gave her lots of extra candy for being such a brave fireman.
She has a small candy bucket, but it is full. Whenever she has candy like this her favorite thing to do is to sort it and count it over and over again. A lot of it looks quite delicious....

I have explained that Halloween is just one night and that it's over now. She isn't too upset though because she immediately picked up the phone and called Santa. I'm not kidding. She just called him on the phone.

And since we had Bat's birthday, she also announced that it is Uda's birthday [the unicorn], and then it will be Dinosaur's birthday and THEN it is her birthday.

I need to figure out a recipe to make, like, 3 cupcakes. Maybe I can make them out of Bisquick.

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