Sunday, November 27, 2011

learning to read

Zoe is ready to learn to read. A frequent question is "what does that say? what does that say? what does that say?" She knows some words, like her name. She has some things memorized, like the titles of books, so I don't know if she is actually reading the words, or if she just knows what they are supposed to be... or is that the same thing? I don't know.
She can also write numbers [mostly] from one to ten. We did this last night and I had no idea she knew how to write them so well. Her LeapPad is helping a lot with this. There is a game where you teach your pet new tricks by writing all of the letters of the alphabet. And she has a cooking game with lots of math & number games. At her preschool conference her teacher, Ms Margie, said that she thought Zoe was ready to start learning how to write some letters and I know that she is not only ready but has already mastered a lot of them.

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