Wednesday, December 7, 2011

all talk

I overheard two women complaining about how "kid's tv these days" is just a bunch of junk with a catchy tune and how nothing is better than good 'ol Sesame Street. Well, these women would be surprised by the dullness of anything made in the 70's if they actually tried to watch it today and they obviously have not seen Little Einsteins which teaches little people some big words, music, and art.

This morning in the car Zoe told me "that caterpillar is hanging upside down."
 Oh, really?
"It's going to have a metamorphosis."

And then she hummed a little Tchiakovsky. I'm not kiddding.

Thanks, tv!

In this caterpillar episode an invitation to a caterpillar reunion is lost in the mail and they have to travel around the country to find it. Zoe tells me everything that's happening... "look mom, they are going to the United Nations in New York City!" "Look mom, it's a giant cave in Oklahoma!" "Look mom, it's Niagra Falls!"

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  1. What about football and NASCAR Thanks tv grandpa.