Friday, December 23, 2011

hello and thank you!

Based on what I have heard from everyone, I think we have received all of your packages. Thank you so much! Zoe is sleepless with anticipation.

We talked about Santa last night while I made cookies. She is very concerned that he is not spending enough time at his workshop getting the toys ready. I told Doug that we saw Santa on a Harley the other day. I thought that she was going to be really happy to see him - we were all stopping at the butcher shop - but she kind of skulked away from him and then told me "I think he should get back to his workshop!"

Last night she ran into the kitchen and told me that "Santa has a reindeer with a really shiny nose - and it's red - and it glows! And his name is Rudolph... and all of the other reindeer... have really complicated names."

So I haven't posted birthday pictures yet, sorry - I just haven't spent time with the computer much this week. I'm trying to get the chores done so that I am not doing laundry on Christmas.

Tonight we are going to see Santa. [Friday]
Saturday we plan to open presents from family. If anyone wants to call or Skype this would be a good day to do it.
Santa is coming Saturday night and then Zoe will open his gifts on Sunday morning.

We plan to be home all weekend, just watching tv & eating the turkey I roasted this afternoon.

Ho Ho Ho!

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