Sunday, June 6, 2010

tall ships & slide

On Saturday I took Zoe to Edmonds so that we could go to their farmer's market. It turned out to be a very warm, sunny day and there were lots of shoppers but very few farmers. The one guy who brought a bunch of vegetables over from Yakima really raked in the cash. I bought asparagus, garlic, lettuce & cilantro from him. There were flower vendors and some craft-type people and a cupcake lady, but our constant cold & rainy weather has been stopping people from attending the markets I guess. We tried a different farmer's market on Friday and it was the same story.

After we got our veggies we went back to the car to drive down to the playground at the beach. Surprise - the Edmonds Waterfront Fair is this weekend! Luckily we were in the neighborhood right before lunchtime and before thousands of people realized that it was finally a hot summer day and that this festival was going on. I still had to pay $10 to the Rotary Club to park a 1/2 mile from the park, but it was absolutely the only option and they were running short on empty spots. I had already told Zoe that we were going to the park with the slides and she was not going to forget about it.

We didn't go to the festival but we did wander over to look at the two Tall Ships that are docked here for a couple of weeks. I think it would be super fun to go for a sail on one. They are giving 3 hour rides for $60 over the next couple of weeks.

We did finally make it to the slides & beach, which was practically empty because there was nowhere nearby to park and everybody was in town at the farmer's market or at the festival.

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