Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey - it's sunny and warm! We went to the zoo yesterday to see some animals. Unfortunately, Zoe tripped while running and got a little scrape on her hand and a bunch of dirt in her mouth right after we got there. She was pretty upset and just rode silently in the wagon while I pulled her around. We went to see the new meerkat exhibit, which was not that spectacular. I thought it would be something like that groundhog exhibit at the KC Zoo. But it was just a glass window next to the Kimodo Dragons. We spent the end of our zoo trip in the Zoomazium so that Zoe could climb & slide for an hour. She got going a little fast & crooked and knocked her cheek against the side of the slide and now she has a little bruise and a scrape right there. It must really hurt because she woke me up at 6am today still talking about her "owie" and about how she "bonked her head".

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