Sunday, July 4, 2010

swim & paint

We have a Zoe pool in the backyard this summer. She really loves to play in the water. She loves it so much that on the days where it is too cold/cloudy/rainy to get in the pool I offer to let her swim in the bathtub and she takes an hour-long bath.
This pool is divided in the middle where the slide is so I don't have to fill the entire thing up, just a little in the front and a little in the back to splash around in.
When she was done swimming she climbed out of the pool and ran into the house to work on a painting. I guess being outside was really inspiring! Have I mentioned how much she loves to paint? The only paint that I will put out for her to use is Crayola Washable paint. It absolutely comes out of everything: clothes, the carpet, dried brushes. I have tried some other "washable" paints and while they are washable, they are also "stain-able".

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