Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mountlake Terrace Carnival

This morning we went to the "Tour de Terrace" - a small town fair in Mountlake Terrace. I wanted to go before it got sunny and crowded and we could still park really close on the street. There were just a few families there with other 2 year olds, so it worked out great.
Zoe saw the ferris wheel from where we parked and kept saying "ferris wheel! look, it's a wheel!" so we definitely went for a ride on that. There was a huge bouncy thing that she played on. Pete went down the giant slide with her and she cried because we only had enough tickets to do it once. The BBQ people weren't cooking yet and the curly fries didn't look $6 worth of tastiness, so we came home and I put a few hot dogs on the grill. They are going to blow up some fireworks tonight so maybe we'll drive back over (it's a mile away) and check those out.

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