Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Odell Lake

We were at Odell Lake, Oregon over the weekend. We drove all day on Thursday and then stayed for a few days and drove home yesterday [Monday]. This is the lake where Pete's grandparents spent their summers for the last 40 years. Pete's grandma passed away last January and she wanted her memorial service to be there, so it was held on Saturday.

Instead of camping we stayed in a lodge on the opposite side of the lake. It was beautiful! This resort had a swingset for Zoe and a restaurant for me. They had a new outdoor patio area with a fire pit that burned all night and tables and chairs for dining or just relaxing. We rented a canoe on Saturday morning and paddled around the lake for a couple of hours. Zoe liked the first half of the trip and then cried when the sun got in her eyes. I have some canoe pictures on the other camera.

Pete's mom, Jo, and his sister & her boyfriend, Annie & Jon, stayed in the lodge, too. On Sunday we all drove out to Crater Lake. It was about an hour away. We looked at the scenery and had lunch and built a tiny snowman.

Odell Lake is about 5000' up in the mountains. I guess it's actually Crescent Lake, Oregon. The lake is crystal clear and about 40 degrees. There are little kokanee salmon in it that people fish for early in the morning. We saw an otter family on our canoe ride and there were a couple of bald eagles that lived in the trees next to the lodge.

A lot of the pictures in the slideshow are from the drive down there. We drove east on the oregon side of the Columbia River and then went South through Mt. Hood. So I got to see Mt. Hood, Mt. Bachelor, and Sisters [2 mountains together].

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