Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bunny photo shoot

Zoe carried my little tripod out into the living room and then asked for "my camera my camera my camera" which I knew meant that she wanted my fancy Nikon because it's the one that goes on the tripod. I also have a little remote for the Nikon. It has one button on it that releases the shutter wirelessly. Zoe saw me using it a couple of months ago. So I set the camera up and then she asked for the "button button button button" until I gave her the little remote. She took a lot of pictures of the living room and then went and got her bunny. She put the bunny on the couch and said "say cheese!" and took 50 pictures of it laying there. This is what all 50 looked like. Being able to delete 49 of them is a great advantage of digital photography.

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