Wednesday, August 25, 2010

talk talk talk

I know it's not the same when you don't hear her say it, but some of the amusing things Zoe has said lately:

  • Today I helped Zoe put flash cards back in the box and she said "thanks for cleaning up, mom." and then she said "thanks for helping, mom."
  • Last night Pete told Zoe "I love you" and she replied by singing the song "I like bugs! I like bugs!" So I said, do you like Dad? What else do you like? And she said "chocolate."
  • She picked up the phone and pressed buttons and then talked into it: "Hello? Are you ok? Ok, bye. Clam. Starfish. Crab. Beach."
  • She looked up at the pine tree in the backyard and said "Coconuts!" [pinecones]
  • She fell off of the couch and was whimpering. I asked her if she needed anything and she mumbled "peanut butter."
  • When I picked Jan up at the airport last week I had to take Zoe because Pete got a 10pm service call. She was so excited that we were going to the airport and she sang songs and giggled for 20 minutes and then suddenly started to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she saddly said "I need a nap!" and I told her it was fine if she wanted to sleep. I looked in the mirror and she was out.

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