Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1st Day @ Preschool

Today will be our 3rd day at preschool. It's going well.She has never really spent the day both away from the house AND away from me so we are all really happy that she is excited to go to school and is willing to stay there until I pick her up. I know she likes playing with the other kids. The other Zoe is really interested in being friends with our Zoe. She's super cute.
This is Zoe's new butterfly lunchbox. She picked it out. They won't let kids eat anything that is remotely a snack. We can't even send juice or chocolate milk. So she is eating a little bit of turkey and a bite of a cheese stick and some raisins for lunch. I don't know what the other kids eat. sushi? hummus and celery sticks? quiche lorraine? It has changed the way she eats dinner. Now she is seriously hungry in the evening so it's a lot easier to get her to sit still and eat something with us.
I have orientation today for the school district. Perhaps I will find out how much they anticipate me working. Pete is going to New York [White Plaines] for 3 weeks on Monday. If you want to hop on a plane and come visit me - please do! We think that he will have quite a bit of out-of-town work for the next few months. Constance is moving out this weekend [Boooooo!] so I will have a very quiet house next week. It's a little scary.

Zoe had this beautiful art in her folder when I picked her up yesterday. She was very excited that she had used glue and had "shapes stuck on". She told me what all of the shapes are. "I see a pink rectangle! I see a green rain drop! I see a purple oval!"

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