Monday, March 28, 2011


Zoe has been watching School House Rock in the car whenever we go somewhere. She really likes "I'm Just a Bill" and she likes the multiplication songs. When we got home from the YMCA tonight she asked me to write certain numbers so that she could paint them. She requested 4, 8, 5, 16... I think she did a pretty good job of painting over them. Especially 5.
She has been drawing faces quite a bit. She'll say "I'll draw you mom!" and then she'll draw herself, too. Sometimes the eyes & nose are just little dots, but this particular face looks like an actual happy face! Good painting! She asked me to get her blocks. They were not in the same place where they have been for many months. She told me that they disappeared and that it was a mystery and that her blocks were in Constance's room. After Constance moved I put some of Zoe's toys in there thinking that it could be a play-room; but we just drag it all back out into the living room every day. Oh well. She likes to build this same "castle" over and over again.

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