Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Learning to Read?

I really think Zoe is learning to read. Well, I know she is. It still might be a year before she knows enough words to read one of her books, but it's very exciting to see that she understands what the alphabet does. She had Cat in the Hat sitting next to her bed yesterday and she pointed to each letter and said "C A T is cat." and I showed her that H A T is hat. Later I asked her to tell Daddy what the words on the book said. She was a little reluctant but when Pete said 'what's this word?' she said "cat" and he asked 'what's this word?' and she said "hat". She likes to say what the letters sound like, too. So she will just randomly say "mom! the letter S says sssssssss!" "the letter R says rrrrrrrrrr!"
I also noticed yesterday that when she plays with her Handy Manny toys she counts in Spanish. Handy Manny is bilingual, but Pete pointed out that Phillipe [the phillips screwdriver] only speaks Spanish, and Constance said that Zoe speaks Spanish for them "out of respect."

When we were driving home from pizza with Uncle Rick last night Pete said that he "had a gut bomb". It was soooo delicious [Portofino's Pizza] and we ate way too much. They do not deliver and we do not eat in restaurants very often, so it was a special treat. anyway. Zoe heard him and said "you have a gut bomb, dad?" and he said that his tummy hurt and Zoe told him "you need a doctor, dad." I hope that she continues to value doctors and is not afraid of them. I told Pete that we are going to encourage her to be one. Why not?

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