Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last night from the backyard

It was cold & rainy yesterday - which was much needed around here. Pete was over helping a friend build some new ductwork so Zoe & I kept busy playing in the house and then running around outside.

BTW: my garage sale on Saturday was a success. Constance was a HUGE help and Zoe was well-behaved the entire day. I sold all of Zoe's 3T clothes that I have been collecting for Goodwill and some of her toys that she doesn't play with anymore. We got rid of the cement mixer and some saws that have been sitting in the garage for 3 years. I put out my jars of jam and sold... about 20? There was one "crazy" Norwegian lady who bought 12. At $4 each I at least paid for the majority of my canning project overall. While I am now out of plain strawberry, I reserved jars of everything else to share with y'all some day.

Zoe seems to be about the average height/weight for kid's her age, but I am buying size 5T shirts & jammies for her. 5T pants are a little long for her right now, but I know she will grow into them by winter. 4T clothes fit her perfectly all-around, but it will just take one growth spurt to make them a little snug. She doesn't like to wear jeans or any kind of pants that are not stretch pants/leggings. She won't wear anything with a rough or scratchy texture. She really likes patterns.

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