Monday, August 1, 2011

Scenes from the Market

Constance, Zoe & I went to the Edmonds Saturday market. I got some flowers, a zucchini, some lettuce, basil, kale... I also got a free book that is an encylopedia of the year 1975. A "vintage" shop had a box of free books sitting outside. And to make Edmonds even more awesome, a new frozen yogurt place opened! Have you been to one of these self-serve yogurt places? They are popping up all over the place. It seems to be a franchise-type kit that you name whatever you want. There is one in Greenlake called Zoe! You fill up your cup with whatever you want and there is a toppings bar with fresh cookies and cereals, candy, sauces, fruit, pretzels, etc and then they weigh it. It doesn't seem more expensive than 2 scoops at Baskin-Robbins, about $3 usually.

Zoe has been dressing herself, most days, for a couple of months now. She would wear this butterfly shirt every single day if I didn't tell her that it was "dirty". She is wearing it in a lot of the pictures I've posted lately. It will be sad when it stops fitting her. I got it at Kohl's for $4 and would have bought extra had I known it would be so popular. She still loves loves loves pink. Today she put on a pink dress and pink, velour pants. And pink socks. She has silver shoes that have rainbows on them and she tells EVERYBODY to look at her rainbow shoes. Aren't they beautiful? she asks. She has also started to say to people "Hi! What are you doing?" Oh, well, I'm putting your groceries in this bag. "this is a pineapple!" yes, thank you. "and these are my cookies! don't drop them. Don't break them. These are my cookies" ok, I won't drop them...

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