Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year!

Hello 2012!
We rang in the new year by going to bed before 10pm. I have had a headache since yesterday afternoon, with the exception of a few hours today. There is a [literal] pain in my neck that I think is causing it.

I thought I had some photos of Zoe to show you and I was upset when they didn't appear on my SD card and then I remembered that I used a CAMERA WITH FILM while we were at the beach today so I don't have digital photos. I want to get a negative scanner and scan my black & white film and use my Cameras With Film [CWF] again without having all of the pictures printed. There is just something special about the images when they are imperfect. It seems more real sometimes.

I do have these from last night. I made a birthday cake for the New Year as an excuse to make a chocolate cake. It was pretty good, but it went into the compost today because it wasn't so amazing that I needed to feed us all chocolate cake for 3 days.

For Christmas, Constance gave me a gorgeous copper Eiffel Tower cookie cutter!

And Amazon gave me an Amazon Fresh delivery truck cookie cutter with one of my orders:

I have been to Carkeek Park 3 times in the past week. It is a lovely park, just about 10 minutes from Zoe's preschool next to Puget Sound.

Click on these to see the pretty details - especially the ferns growing on the tree.

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