Friday, January 27, 2012

mickey mouse land

"Mom, I wish I could go to Mickey Mouse Land."
Well, we can't go today.
"Yeah. That makes me really sad."
You'll have to ask Uncle Doug to take you.
"Yes! That's a good idea! But Uncle Doug lives far away..."
You're right.
"But how do we get there?"
We would take an airplane.
"To Mickey Mouse Land?"
Yes. And to see Uncle Doug.

We have never talked about DisneyLand or told Zoe about it in any way, but I think there are enough Disney commercials on tv & she watches the Disney channel and Disney movies and there is always the castle and the fireworks before every show.... she was suspecting that there was some place that we could probably go see, and now the pink hat confirms it. When she put it on she said that she could wear it to Mickey Mouse Land.
The truth is, we all want to go. Does anyone else want to start planning an expensive vacation with us?

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