Sunday, April 17, 2011

Children's Museum

I finally figured out how to transfer photos from my phone - which is good because I have taken a lot of cute Zoe pictures when my phone is more convenient than my camera - like inside of the Portland Children's Museum. We had a really good trip to Portland for a few days. It rained like CRAZY the whole drive down and then all day on Friday. Nana Jo needed to finish knitting a hat for pub-knitting that night [2 dozen knitters at a local pub] so I took Zoe to the Children's Museum. We were there for FOUR HOURS. She ran from room to room the entire time except for the short apple juice/pretzel break I made her take half-way through the afternoon. Her favorite part was the pretend theatre. There is a real stage with a curtain and props and seating for the parents. There is a director's chair where someone can change the colors of the lights. They have costumes backstage for the kids and pretend tickets.... it's really amazing. Zoe stood front & center on the stage and yelled for everyone's attention and then would sing a song or dance around. There were lots of other kids doing the same thing and running around all over the place. It was nuts. But at least I got to sit for a few minutes.

There was a place with a counter and mirrors and little face painting crayons. Zoe had been noticing that other kids had paint on their faces and when she finally saw the crayons she dashed over to them and without a second of hesitation started drawing all over her face.

There was also a Water Room with all of these things that you turn & pump & spray. There were heavy duty smocks to keep kids dry but Zoe refused to wear one.

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