Friday, April 1, 2011


The flights between Seattle & KC are very affordable over the next few months. They are around $250. So first, if anyone would like to come out here, you are welcome to visit us. We have an empty guest room again with a somewhat comfortable twin bed. And we have a couch and an air mattress. And a tent. And hotels.

And second, it looks like Pete is going to be working in Chicago for... a long time... so I was thinking that Zoe & I could come to KC at the end of April/first of May for awhile and during that time fly up to Chicago for a couple of days.

So third, if you have been hankering to hang out in Chicago you should plan a little weekend while Pete is there and do something fun. He is flying out on Monday and then he'll be back for a few days for an Oregon vacation and then probably sent back to Chicago on April 18.

If you have any thoughts about these tentative travel plans let me know. Otherwise I might just plan something and hope that someone is home when we get there.

I am also looking at a trip in July. This trip would involve some time in St.Louis to see Mike & Trisha's new house [pending], and their new baby girl [also pending: May 31st?].

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