Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Indian Princess

There is a story about a little girl who wants to be an Indian Princess so she wraps a long scarf around her like a sari and then her mother gives her an actual sari to wear. Zoe walked out of my closet wearing one of my scarves and said she was a princess. I have a cute video but Blogger won't let me upload it right now.
In other news, Zoe is loving preschool! Now I really have to find a full-time job to pay for it. She wanted to go every day last week and was a little confused why we did not go on Saturday & Sunday. I am trying to teach her the days of the week, and I think they talk about it at school, too. I am going to make her a calendar sometime soon. It's weird to hear her suddenly know new things, like songs, or want "rainbow cheerios" [Fruit Loops] because they had them at school. She has several friends that she plays with - Zoe, Parker, Jack. Her teachers are really nice and seem to like Zoe quite a bit. She has brought home lots of artwork. I realized that it's better if I wait to pick her up after 3pm even if I'm home because they go back out to the playground after naptime and she gets upset if she doesn't get to play with the kids outside in the afternoon. I'm glad it's working out! Only took a month.

Pete comes home from Chicago tomorrow so that he can go to Oregon for a few days. Zoe & I are going to Portland on Thursday through Saturday to see Jo & Annie and talk about a yarn project I'm working on. I guess we'll find out this weekend if Pete is headed back to Chicago next week or somewhere else. He heard about a job in June in St Louis that he will try to request. These are all Nordstrom stores that he is working on, so he could potentially be anywhere in the country.

Airfare is holding steady, and has not dropped [or risen] yet... I think I'll just wait until the end of the week and get tickets on Friday or Saturday.

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