Sunday, April 10, 2011

still looking at travel

So the good news is that we are definitely going to come for a visit!
But I don't know the dates exactly. Here's the scoop:
 I told Pete that I could fly out in a couple of weeks cheaper than in May and he said that he would be sad if he couldn't go, too. I didn't know that he would be sad. He wants to see you all and he also wants to see some BBQ. He can request some time off if we wait until mid-May.
Also, Colleen let me know that Jamie's graduation date is Thursday May 19. I have been waiting for this for 18 years -- Jamie was at my graduation, which I think was also May 19, or the 18th. So I would really love to be there.
So I just looked at tickets, and they are still very reasonable, except that Bing says that they are 92% sure that prices will drop in the next 7 days so I should DEFINITELY wait to purchase them.  So I'm going to keep checking daily and see if we can save a few bucks.

Here is what I'm thinking:

  • Seattle to KC on Mon/Tues 16/17th
  • Drive to Monroe on Thursday 19th morning. stay the night. stay Friday. Dinner with Dad/Betty/Everett Friday evening?
  • Drive to St Louis on Friday night/Saturday morning to see Trisha/Mike/Maisy. - unless Trisha feels like driving to KC.
  • drive back to KC Saturday night or Sunday morning.
  • Stay in KC for 4 or 5 more days.
What do you think?

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