Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bouncy House slideshow

A few weeks ago we met Zoe W and her mom, Jenny, at a local park where the city was having a free summertime concert & kid's play area.

Zoe W was Zoe's first friend when we started preschool a year and a half ago. They call each other "Zoe H" and "Zoe W" and if they are together they will both ignore any reference to plain "Zoe" so I have to say "Zoe H, would you like some more milk? What about you, Zoe W?"

When they talk to each other they say
"Zoe W, do you like my unicorn?"
"Yes, Zoe H. I've seen it before.""
"But, Zoe W, do you want to hold it?"
"Sure Zoe H. Thanks"

We had a lot of fun at this park. Pete was so excited that they were selling $40 snowcones [maybe it was $4], he could not wait to get one. And then they didn't have a lot of flavors, so he got orange and root beer or something gross like that and it was chunky ice in this little leaky cup.

I'm glad the face painting was free because Zoe was NOT impressed by a volunteer/mom who could not manage to make her look like a tiger. She kept giving Zoe the mirror to look at and Zoe was saying "No. I need orange and black stripes! I don't look like a tiger!"
We had to just walk away.

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