Thursday, September 6, 2012

I don't know.

So this morning the internet is quick & smooth and the 1000 pictures that mysteriously disappeared from my computer yesterday [ahhhh!] imported into Picassa this morning [weird]. And then Google told me that they improved their photo uploading, and they did in fact make it faster & easier to move things around and put slideshows from web albums onto blogs....
I guess I'll keep trying this.
I was thinking this morning that it will be fun when Zoe can update this herself. That day might not be too far away. It's impressively scary how good she is at using a computer. And she is secretly able to read much more than she let's on, I think.

I am also going to work out a way to turn a blog into a book. I want to do a "first five years". I haven't seen people offering this as a service... maybe I could develop a little home business.

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