Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Market 9/15

We went to the Edmond's Farmer's Market this morning. I bought a small blueberry pie that claims to be "the best pie in the world" [she was out of cherry], 2 zucchini, a "bag 'o basil" for $1, 4 pounds of pickling cukes, fresh dill, hazlenuts, radishes, garlic, green beans and flowers. Zoe told me that what she would like to buy is a "beautiful necklace" but we settled on a beautiful glass bead bracelet from the people who make things out of recycled glass.
The market ends in a couple of weeks and I will miss it so much. There are some year-round markets that we could drive a bit farther too. But part of what makes the Edmonds market so enjoyable is the convenience.
Zoe is begging me to go to the kid's museum today. It is Pirate Day there, and she doesn't know about it, but I am thinking that it will be more crowded than it usually is. There will be pirates and treasure maps and some kind of boat outside they can climb on. It actually sounds like fun. So maybe I'll be an awesome mom and just go. We have a membership so it's always worth it, even for just an hour.
I am going to eat the pie now.

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