Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ocean Shores

We drove to the ocean on Saturday morning. This is Zoe's first time at the actual ocean, but she has seen beaches and waves her whole life so it's just a really big beach and really big waves. We spent the afternoon on the beach behind our hotel at Ocean Shores.
For dinner last night we drove up the coast to an actual restaurant that has good reviews. In the town where we stayed last night - Ocean Shores - there are a lot of local, fish shack, bad pizza, microwaved Mexican type places. They are reviewed as "spendy" and "terrible" so we were thrilled to find Mill 109 in the new town of Seabrook. After our early dinner we walked down to the beach and it was gorgeous! The remote location meant that we were the only people out there for miles. It was quiet except for the waves. We walked across the sand and took pictures.
I've never been on the beach by myself. It is magical. Washington beaches are so beautiful.
Seabrook is an 8 year old development that has been designed with every coastal cottage rental detail in place. Right down to "old" bicycles with big baskets leaning against fences for you to ride. They are still building many parts of it, and some of the homes are for sale. The cottages are gigantic and built to be rented by 20 people for a week or a summer. They have gourment kitchens and fireplaces and jacuzzis and outdoor spaces and rocking chairs on all of the porches and balconies. And you just walk across the street to the ocean.
These are just a few photos I took with my phone. I will post our pretty beach pictures a bit later.

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