Friday, January 28, 2011


While we were at The Yarn Garden in Portland, Zoe kept busy picking out buttons from the large selection in the store. The buttons are all stored in tubes, with a sample on the top cap. Zoe spent a lot of time picking out about 7 different buttons, they were all pink or red, and then she carried the tubes into the book/pattern room and sat at the table and took one button out of each tube. When it seemed like she was done I put them all back and put the plastic tubes back in the display. Later that day, Zoe found them same ones and went back to the table and took one button out of each tube. I told her she could pick one to take home. She decided which ones to put back but then couldn't decide between a red square and a pink circle, so I let her buy two buttons. We put the rest of them back. But then she was desperate to find the remaining buttons again a little bit later. Nana Jo purchased the other buttons and sent them to Zoe in the mail yesterday. She was so excited to see them again. One is a little, pink cell phone button, and one is a chalboard with math on it [she calls it the "x-ray button"], and there is a big red diamond-shaped button, and one more... Thank you Nana Jo!

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