Friday, January 28, 2011

sweetie pie

One thing about Zoe, that everybody notices, is that she is unfailingly polite. I take credit for some of this, but it is greatly reinforced by the consistently polite & caring characters in her favorite shows on tv.
"what are you doing mom?"
"I am making you a grilled cheese sandwich!"
"oohhhh, thank you mom!"
"you are welcome. look, it's going to be butterfly shaped."
"Oh! Can I help make the butterfly please?"
"Of course. Here, press really hard..." [butterfly cookie cutter on the bread]
"Here is your butterfly sandwich."
"Oh, thank you so much mom. It's beautiful!"


She will hear Pete sneeze from anywhere in the house and yell "Bless you, Dad!"

After we do anything remotely fun/different she thanks me over & over again.
"thanks for the ymca and playing with the kids, mom!"
"thanks for the playground and the swing, mom!"
"thanks for the ice cream store, mom!"
"thanks for Gabby and playing with the toys, mom!" {Gabby is our fabulous babysitter}

If I step on something or say "ouch!" for any reason, she pats my arm really gently and asks "are you okay mom?" and I'll tell her I'm fine, and no matter what happened she'll apologize "I'm sorry mom. I'm sorry you hurt."

And recently she started giving me backrubs! She'll just barely rub my back with her little hand and I'll thank her and tell her how nice that is and then she'll smile really big and say "you feel better now!?"

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